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"I was desperate to find a program that would replace Reading Counts. Wow! I did not realize I could find something better. Almost every book my students have searched for has a quiz on Book Taco! Best of all, the program is built in with engaging games, challenges, reports, and more! I feel we hit the jackpot!”

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"Thank goodness for Book Taco! The students love taking book quizzes in their Book Taco dashboard because they get to show what they know and earn points to play educational games in their free time. I value the data I gain from using the program and use the reports page to share grades and progress with parents. I highly recommend using Book Taco in your classroom.”

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"Establishing a strong love for reading within our students paired with comprehension and analytics is very important to our school. Book Taco allowed us to easily track and compare how our students were pacing and meeting their reading goals through a fun and interactive environment. We value the data we are able to collect from Book Taco as well as how customer service focused they are!”

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"My teachers love Book Taco because it is student-friendly and customizable. I am very pleased and the students love it! They ask every day if they can do their Book Taco!"

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"I’ve been teaching for 35 years and always used Accelerated Reader. I discovered Book Taco 4 years ago and I’m so happy I did. We use Book Taco for book quizzes, reading logs, activities, and contests. It’s an awesome program that both my 2nd and 3rd graders LOVE! Every day they ask if we’ll have time for Book Taco. The program is certainly motivating their independent reading.”

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"We ran a VERY successful reading program last year as evidenced by our reading scores and increased reading data. I can honestly say Book Taco played a HUGE part in that success. Thank you so much!”

Get students excited about independent reading

From reluctant to avid readers, students love our interactive approach to the management, assessment, and motivation of independent reading.

Book Taco takes a drastic departure from the one-dimensional methods of prominent legacy programs by offering a platform with a wider variety of reading-related activities that cater to all learning styles.

By infusing gamification, our mission is to appeal to digital-age students and rekindle their love for reading.

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Articles Reading Experience
Teacher Teacher Dashboard Teacher Dashboard

Tools for teachers

Effortlessly track student progress and streamline class management with our all-encompassing educational resources.

Instant summary cards give a quick overview of student performance, while in-depth reports offer comprehensive insights.

Educators can share their achievements on social media, boosting enthusiasm and recognition for both students and the entire classroom.

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Tools for school leaders

Empower school leaders, including media specialists, librarians, principals, and reading coaches, with comprehensive tools to manage and oversee teachers and students effectively.

Gain a macro-level view of the entire school, with the ability to move students between classes, manage student grades, and access detailed student reports.

School leaders can also create custom book lists for classrooms, ensuring a curated learning experience that aligns with educational goals. This higher level of management supports and enhances the efforts of individual teachers.

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Articles School Leaders School Leaders

Reading Pet

Boost engagement and get students hooked on books with our virtual reading pet Pookie.

The more students read, the more time they get to play with and take care of Pookie.

As such, Book Taco puts you in a position to ensure reading is a key part of your student’s daily routine.

Pookie helps with this and gets young readers engaged in the process and moving in the right direction.

Gamified learning adventure



Students earn badges as they achieve various learning milestones, marking their progress and accomplishments.



Students build their personal album of book covers by passing quizzes and celebrating achievements. Completing an album page earns badges!



New and captivating avatars are unlocked as students' effort increases. The more they read, the more avatars open.

Quiz and activities

Quiz and activities

Interactive quizzes and activities reinforce learning, offering a fun way to assess student understanding.

Badges Badges Badges Badges Badges Badges

Awesome features

Discover our platform's awesome features designed for educators.

Graphic Organizers


Suite of learning tools designed to guide students to categorize key concepts, surface the interconnection of ideas, or helps students construct knowledge.

Writing Opportunities


Students can write about the books they are reading which cultivates emotional growth, develops critical thinking skills, and improves academic performance.

Custom Book Lists

Book Lists

Educators can curate custom book lists their students can follow. Great for Battle of the Books, reading challenges, or themed/subject matter based lists.

Student Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Accountability activity where students submit written book reviews and rate the book on a scale 1-5.

Reading Comprehension Quizzes

Reading Comprehension

Engage students with quizzes to assess and enhance their reading comprehension skills.

Vocabulary and Spelling

Vocabulary and Spelling
Interactive Lessons/Tests

Interactive lessons and tests to improve students' vocabulary and spelling in a fun and engaging way.

Student & Classroom Reading Logs

Student & Classroom
Reading Logs

Track reading progress with logs for both individual students and entire classes.

Student Self-Directed Learning

Student Self-Directed

Empower students to take charge of their learning journey with self-directed educational activities.

Teacher Content Customization

Teacher Content

Customize learning content to meet the specific needs and goals of your classroom.

Set Reading Goals

Set Reading

Set and monitor reading goals to motivate students and track their progress.

Completion Certification


Reward students with a certificate upon meeting their reading goal, encouraging consistent reading habits.

Teacher Classroom Achievement Badges

Teacher Classroom
Achievement Badges

Earn badges for classroom achievements and share your successes on social media.

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